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When Ymius broke free from her watery prison to confront her husband and his allies, we believed the world was on the brink of collapse. The ground and sky quaked with the roar of artillery and the piercing cries of magic fragmenting. Our perpetual night darkened even further, punctuated by sporadic bursts of colored luminance. Some prayed fervently, hoping their faith would empower their gods to emerge victorious and shield us. Others, feeling betrayed by the celestial chaos, renounced their faith entirely. We thought it the worst thing to happen to us in recent history...

But we were mistaken. Amidst the heavenly conflict, an ancient deity, Valinor, awakened from his slumber. Oblivious to the changes in Divine Law during his dormant state, unaware of Kinship's protected status, he resumed his cosmic interference. Valinor intended no harm against us -- we weren't even on his radar -- but his actions brought catastrophe to our people. The island itself revolted against his aberrant constructs, yet our voices fell on deaf ears. Millennia had granted him ample time to devise his plans, and he pursued their completion with singular focus. Overwhelmed by his War Constructs and the rampant spread of his twisted flora, shaken by the war above, we fled our homeland.

Then, the Primordials arrived. These formidable beings, the First Gods, the Ancient Ones, stepped onto the shores of Old Ognos in all their divine glory. The very essence of Kinship quivered in reverence, time and space disorting around their presences. In a breath, in a moment, they ended the war and stopped Valinor's meddling. Grieving for the damage caused by their wayward children, they attempted to restore the island... but the millennias of celestial conflicts and the intricate weave of magic and technology proved too convoluted even for them to untangle fully.

Our homeland may be forever altered, but this new land represents hope and a fresh start. New Ognos calls to bold adventurers and explorers like yourself. Work with the settlers to carve out a new life here. Help remap the island and rediscover its secrets. There is still so much left to uncover... but beware, danger and mystery lurk around every corner of this untamed isle.

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