version 4: new beginnings



We are so excited you've decided to join us! Please make sure to look over the details in the Essentials section of the Codex and join our Discord before registering for an account. New players will need to join a character within one week to access the full site and must post for the first time within one month; there are no further activity requests after that point.

A private support channel on Discord will be set up for you ASAP after your registration is complete, if you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from meeting either of the initial deadlines and you need an extension, please let us know there! Joining our Discord is mandatory as it will be the primary place for players to receive site updates, read about upcoming events, interact with our support team, etc. If an account is established but the player does not join us on Discord, the account will be deleted within 24 hours.

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