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Below are the amazing sites we've connected with! If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please contact us via the Inbox. :)

Mother Site: Shaman

Shaman is an amazing game that has been continuously open since March 2009! Play as a fairy (yep, wings and everything!) and their animal familiar as you explore a world rich in lore. The Shaman community is a gem as well, with friendly, welcoming people, engaged staff, and an atmosphere of laid-back fun. There is always something to do or someone to chat with; I personally play there and geniunely couldn't recommed it more highly. Click here to say hello!

Affiliate: Watermark

Watermark is a laid back, intermediate-to-advanced RPG; it has a streamlined, approachable setup that makes it easy to dive right in. Set in a fictional, small American city in the central US, this is the perfect place bring your realistic, present-day humans to play! Click here to check them out!

In Memory Of: Revelations (Knell)

Revelations was a fantasy roleplaying game owned by Signe (as Fennic) and Rocket and their mods, Newt and Kate; it ran from 2015 - 2017. Players who previously played at Rev will receive a credit of 200 bones and a randomized pet upon joining their first character - please post on the Updates board or in the #buy-claim-more channel with your original OOC Name from Rev to have your pet generated; you can also contact Signe via DM if you'd prefer to keep your previous OOC name private. If you would like to bring your old Revelations character to Kinship, you are welcome to do so as long as they are updated to fit the new setting. If you have any questions, need help updating a character, or want more details regarding the closure of Revelations, please contact Signe privately on Discord.

Pending Affiliates:

None Currently!
Please reach out on the Inbox if interested!

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