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Last Update: 9-March-2022

Site History

This is our second official version, opened on Dec 30, 2021.

Previous Versions:


First Player: Aspelta, 9-Dec-2019
Most Recent Player: Taeyal, 20-Mar-2021


Total Characters: 44 Total Bonded: 18 First Character: Lord Harald Golden (Signe), 16-Aug-2019
Most Recent Character: Lady Onyx Stipple (Puk), 02-Jan-2022
First Bonded: Amazon Asphyxiation the Beast & Fang the Wolf Light Shade (Aspelta), 17-Aug-2019
First In-Character Pregnancy: Amazon Asphyxiation with Unknown (Aspelta), 18-Aug-2019
First Single Child Conceived On-Site:
First Twins Conceived On-Site: Amazon Bullet & Spirit (Aspelta), 18-Aug-2019, Amazon Asphyxiation x Unknown
First Triplets Conceived On-Site: Lyzander, Malkior & Morwenna Winterborne (Signe), 15-Feb-2021, Duke Madrigal Winterborne x Unknown
First Astrofel Conceived On-Site:
First Companion Conceived On-Site:
Children Conceived On-Site: 7 Astrofel Conceived On-Site: Companions Conceived On-Site: Companion with Most Offspring:
Most Bred Species:
Most Valuable Offspring:


* Post stats are only for our IC PHP boards, does not include qty for old B2G boards or Catalysts.
Total Posts: 48 posts
Most Active Area: Civilization, 30 posts*
Most Explored Territory: East & South (tied) Most Contacted Deity: Caoimhe (1 encounter)
Deity with Most Chosen:

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