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Out of Character

Interact with Other Players


  • Updates - request character changes, record claims, etc.
  • Inbox - request special permissions, ask questions, get support


  • Currency - in-game currency ("bones") used on Catalysts, Mini-Games, and at the Marketplace
  • Make a Claim - claim bones, items, companions, or skills
  • The Marketplace - our in-game shop for spending bones
  • Seasonal Marketplace - spend your collected Feat Tokens on special items
  • Convert FT - convert collected Feat Tokens to Bones


  • How to Guide - a general rundown on how to do things around the site, like make claims or edit posts
  • Tracking Board - keep track of important details, character goals, etc.
  • HTML Testing - create new HTML layouts for characters here

Other Games

  • Ads - learn about other play-by-post roleplaying games in the community
  • Sisters - a list of sites we've affiliated with!

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