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The Lexicon holds all of the known information about the world; it expands as players contribute both ICly and OOCly to our knowledgebase. If you have questions, need further information, or want to suggest new topics to add to the Lexicon (or specific pages) please contact Signe via Discord or the Inbox board!

Setting Details

  • Sitewide Plot - information on our sitewide plots & how to get involved + a record of past versions
  • The World - key details about the island and the world as we currently know it
  • Organizations - info on Ognoshu organizations like human schools and Valka Clans
  • Religions & Deities - info on prominent religions and the gods they worship

The People of Ognos

  • Humans - socially powerful, politically dominant technicians
  • Valka - nomadic, shapeshifting magicians
    • Telaspa - Valka with extensive animal traits even in their "human" form
    • Locked - Valka that are unable to shift for some reason
  • Amalgam - human x Valka offspring, commonly shunned or struggling
    • Sanguinists - special hybrids with a vampiric twist
  • Chosen - those selected by a deity to act on their behalf in the Mortal Realms
  • Vassals - secondary characters, like NPCs you have exclusive control over
  • NPC Database - adoptable characters + some setting/plot details

The Creatures of Ognos

  • Astrofel - magical beings capable of bonding with Ognoshu, similar to familiars
    • Spirits - vibrantly colored, typically peaceful Astrofel that usually bond with Humans
    • Shades - dully colored, typically aggressive Astrofel that usually bond with Valka
    • Hesper - rare Shade x Spirit hybrids
  • Wildlife - the plants & animals of Ognos, including Affil/Companions

Character Development & Advancement

  • Magic & Tech - level your character to gain prestige and privilege
  • Currency - in-game currency ("bones") used on Catalysts, Mini-Games, and at the Marketplace
  • The Marketplace - our in-game shop for spending bones!
  • Feats - tasks and challenges you can complete at your own pace for special rewards

Skills & Enhancements Databases

  • Astrofel Skills - can be applied to Astrofel of the appropriate Class & Rank only
  • General Skills - can be purchased for Ognoshu, Astrofel, and Companions regardless of level
  • Ognoshu Skills - can be applied to Ognoshu of the appropriate Archetype & Rank only

Catalysts & Mini-Games

  • Affil Hunt - stats-based adventures focused on discoveries
  • Breeding - create new characters, Astrofel, or Companions
  • Careers - join a career to further flesh out a character or Astrofel & earn rewards
  • Emergence - for the unborn or dead seeking rebirth
  • Expeditions - explore Ognos and find fame and fortune (or trouble)
  • Renewal - for the dead seeking resurrection

Additional Resources

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