Alternative Universe
Try out your alternative ships
Welcome to Love Island 2.0: The Alternative Universe! On this board, you have the opportunity to explore alternative paths for your characters. In these alternative universes, your characters can hook up with unlikely SOs in jaw-dropping ships you could never explore on the site normally.

The guidelines for this board are as follows:
  • This opportunity will remain in place until midnight December 31st 2020, after which this board will be moved to the "Deleted Content" page.
  • Alternative universes can be anywhere and any time period. The usual restrictions about magic and writing only certain types of characters do not apply here. Want to re-imagine your characters as humans? Or deities? Or ponies of Equestria? Go for it!
  • Although you are playing out alternative ships on this board, you can also aim to have your original ships reunite if you want.
  • Please make sure posts are tagged [M] or [TW] as appropriate. Especially the former, you naughty people.
  • This is an alternative universe, so you are playing different versions of your normal characters. Your normal, Shaman-occupying characters will have no memory of events which happen here. It could be a weird dream for them if you want to reference it.
  • For inspiration, try the crazy ridiculous gdoc of doom.

Tagging your posts
For kicks, we're asking players to tag their posts in the #tagging channel as though they are a telenovela narrator. Tag the person, then add This week, on The Ship That Would Not Sail, or similar, and write a purposefully vague and also hyperbolic description of your post.

Ship stalking
The following characters are posting on this board.
  • Harlow & Lottie
  • Dakota & Sidney in Grease: The Highschool Musical.
  • Graeling & Tsi
  • Phoenix & Nepenthe
  • Alethea & Thoth in an alternate future of Shaman are sent to the Moon to investigate a gravitational anomaly, but everything is more complicated than it seems.
  • Kasdeya & Gavin in an alternate history, where a wealthy patroness has her portrait painted by a rising star. However, not everything is as it seems...
  • Sebastion & Thalassa
  • Gaiane & Tahl
  • Eskel & Elina